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Hiking with your dog

Thinking of taking a long walk or an even longer hike with your four-legged friend? I really recommend reading this article which gets you thinking about the positives and negatives involved. Tricky terrain, fitness and considerations for the people and animals in the environment you are heading into all play a part. I've been testing my collapsible water bowl recently and here's what the article says on food and drink: Just like humans, dogs need the energy and hydration provided by food and water. Carry snacks, meals and water with you so that you can offer regular sustenance. Some dogs will be happy to drink from water available in the countryside but it’s not always advisable. You should take care to ensure your...

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Design for (owning) dogs

  I am now the owner of two active dogs- a 9-year-old cocker spaniel who features in some of the product shots on this shop and a jack russell mix aged 2. When taking them on beach walks or loading them up in the car for little trips, I have been known to forget either a water bowl or snacks. Carrying a bottle of water for them on the actual walk kind of backfires as they need the bowl. Usually getting back to the car we get them water. I decided that I could make use of some offcuts of waterproof textile that I had bought last year and am now working with maker Arran Murphy to prototype a textile doggie bowl that...

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